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In Reverent Gratitude...

grat·i·tude| ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od | noun the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Spring 2018, as we were preparing for our first Camino we learned of a class being offered at the Atlanta REI store to help pilgrims prepare for their journey. "Fred" is an employee of the store and had completed a Camino Pilgrimage with his daughter. He documented his knowledge and created a "Camino Anxiety Reduction" class that was held in the REI Facility off Northeast Expressway in Atlanta. His class is excellent and we learned a tremendous amount about the day to day life on Camino, best practices of what to pack (and what NOT to pack), and what I'll call "Pilgrim Etiquette". One of my takeaways from Fred's class was that we should respond with gratitude for every kindness.

One of the highest characteristics of a pilgrim is Gratitude. We are grateful for every kindness extended our way. Whether that is a fill of a canteen, a kind word of encouragement, or any act of generosity...gratitude is freely and lovingly extended in response to such gestures. This is as true in our daily lives as it is on Camino, for indeed, they are one in the same journey.

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the love and generosity that you have all extended to me in the release of the new single. I am grateful for every kind and encouraging word extended to me about the song and video. Y'all have filled my cup to overflowing.

As I write this, Dawn and I are coming to the end of a rest week following the busy weeks leading up to Easter. We rented a tiny airstream trailer in North Carolina and escaped with Gracie Mae for a few days of recreation. When we return home tomorrow, I am planning on extending the theme of this song into a 4-5 song EP to be released in a few months.

Also, as of this writing I am leaving for Camino in 23 days. This year I will be walking with my oldest son, Michael. In your kindness, please keep us in your prayers, and know that you will be in ours as we walk the Way.

In reverent gratitude, Greg

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