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Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now!

My calendar says I have just over three weeks before I leave for pilgrimage. I am making some final purchases and making sure my gear is ready to go. My current dilemma is my (new) trusty Merrel Moab 2 trail runners seem to be too small. I've previously purchased size 13's, and my long walk on Wednesday indicated to my feet that a pair of 14's are necessary. Fortunately I have an older pair of 14's and took them out for a spin today. Seems like the right fit. Lord, guide my decisions on this...!

The other element of this is making sure that my hips, knees and feet are ready. I've been in physical therapy getting stronger over the last few months. Overall I'm feeling strong, with just a little knee pain.

Today's prayer request...

Please offer a prayer that I might know and act decisively with regard to the gear I am purchasing and be at peace about it.

See you down the road! Greg

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