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Hold on loosely…

How tightly do we hold on to our plans?

One of the blessings of this week

was attending a Power of Praise Prayer group meeting last night and learning more about healing prayer.

This prayer group is a wonderful group of people. At the end of the night as we were praying, one of my friends asked me if I had a "goal" in mind for this pilgrimage.

I shared with her that I am holding on to everything about this trip very, very loosely.

That is the plan! Hold on loosely and see what comes.

Even more so than my last two walks on the Camino (2018 and 2019), I have no expectations on what lay ahead for me.

I know when my outbound flight leaves from Atlanta and roughly when it arrives in Madrid. I know that there's a bus somewhere near the airport that leaves for Ponferrada (a city close to where I plan to start walking) around 11am. I'll probably figure it out and find it. Maybe they'll even have a seat available. We'll see!

It is said that "man plans, and God laughs". I do know that Papa has a sense of humor. I "planned" on returning to Spain in May of 2022. That was a funny story. You can read about it HERE.

We are all on a great adventure. We have no idea what is around the next corner. Be wise, save money, dream and write down plans...

Just hold on to them loosely, because Papa wants us to trust Him so He can bless us. Be open to the idea that His plans for you are greater than yours.

I'll see you down the road...


Todays photo is the beginning layout of my gear for the Camino. Much more to add, and then we will strip away whatever isn't needed!

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