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Returning to the Camino de Santiago...

Updated: Mar 21

By God's grace, I will be returning to Spain on May 12th to continue my journey on the Camino de Santiago.

My oldest son Michael and I made an attempt to return to Spain in May of 2022. You can read about that adventure HERE. Within a week of returning to work at the parish, I had two women who were praying for our trip approach me to let me know that felt strongly that the cancellation of that trip was for our protection. Thank you Lord, for intervening on our behalf and for our good!

Trip preparations for this year have included returning to physical therapy for my hips and strengthening my core to keep me strong on the trail, and discovering two weeks ago that my Passport had expired. It is currently working its way through the expedite process, courtesy of the State Department of the United States.

Prayer requests...

Please pray that my knee and hips get strong and stable so I can walk this journey confidently.

Please pray that my Passport arrives safely to my care.

Please pray that I can shed excess weight I am carrying to make the journey easier.

And lastly, for a safe and healthy Camino!

God bless you all, we will see you down the road!


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