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The journey continues...

As I write this entry today, we are 31 days from our departure to continue walking the Camino de Santiago. In 2018, I had the privilege of walking with my two sons, Michael and Gregory. We began in St. Jean Pied de Port and walked 30 days before Gregory sustained a knee injury walking into Hospital de Órbigo.

I was able to return in 2019 and walk with my dear friend Ryan beginning in Leon and walking to Villafranca del Bierzo. Tragically, my father in law passed away and I returned home to be with my family. My friend Ryan successfully and safely made it to Santiago de Compostella.

In Fall of 2021, I had hopes of returning to Spain with my friend Father Kevin and a small group of pilgrims from his parish. I ran into issues getting subs to cover my work responsibilities, so this trip became inaccessible.

Through this process, I feel like the Lord placed May 15th on my heart for the date of return. We have moved forward in faith. There have been obstacles of knee pain, and some schedule hurdles, but all answers in prayer continue saying "Go".

Joyfully, my oldest son Michael will be making the journey with me. We plan on picking up where he left off, and God willing, will make it to the Holy City!

We will soon be collecting prayer requests. We pray for these intentions every day during our walking, and will present them to Saint James and ask his intercession for your requests.

On this road...Greg

Michael and me at Cruz de Ferro, The Iron Cross

Ryan and I visiting with a cafe owner from Texas in Acebo, Spain during our 2019 pilgrimage. We led the singing of "Deep in the Heart of Texas"! The lady in the photo is a pilgrim who stopped for 2 days to volunteer as a waitress because the cafe was short handed!

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