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Compassion (to suffer with)…

Today was beautiful, blessed, and challenging. Walking out of the town of Villafranca is a shallow slow uphill climb for most of the day, followed by a steep uphill climb for the last 5km. I had a gentle creek running alongside me for most of the day, and the rain would come and go every 20 minutes or so.

Early in the walk, I found myself drifting into reflection on my own patterns, and how I consistently cycle back into the same habits (good and bad), conversations and physical fitness or lack thereof. I could see the patterns and the events that started the loop cycle for the various elements. Thanks be to God for this wisdom!

The last 5km proved to be a great teacher to me today. As I walk alongside my mom as her caregiver, and my wife as her husband, and my sons as their dad, I recognized that at times I ask them to meet my timelines and expectations, which are all based on my ability and experience.

The last 5km humbled me, greatly. As I struggled up the muddy hills, it brought to mind the times that I may have asked too much from my family, and given too little grace for their climb.

What's easy for me may not be easy for you. What's easy for you probably doesn't come naturally to me. The mud and incline was a relentless teacher to me today that we all have moments and spaces of struggle. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

We are also all capable of giving and receiving grace. To encourage and be encouraged.

Lord, help me and all reading this to always keep in mind a heart of compassion. To walk, accept, and encourage the people in our lives. Help us to see that we all climb the hills of this life, and to encourage one another on the way up, all the while knowing that You are love and grace itself.

I'll see you down the road, Greg

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