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Camino de Santiago Packing List (2018)

So, here is a list of what I packed out on my first Camino from St. Jean Pied de Port to Acebo. The items marked in red were abandoned/donated along the trail.

Several pilgrims have asked about traveling with a CPAP Machine. I have mild obstructive sleep apnea, and I debated heavily on whether or not to travel with a CPAP. I was due for new equipment, so I opted to purchase a travel machine, the Philips Dreamstation Go. The second decision point was whether or not I should pack the battery. The total machine weight is around 3.5 pounds. I found it to be well worth to lug the machine and battery!

Many have asked about shoes. Here is the deal with socks and shoes. I chose non waterproof trail runners. I spent hours obsessing at REI Atlanta trying to choose which trail runners to purchase. Eventually I ended up selecting Merrell Moab 2's (non waterproof). I did spray them with Coleman waterproof spray before we departed. Other than the first day going over the Pyrenees from St. Jean, I never wished for anything other than what I was wearing. On that first day, full boots would have given better protection in the mud and rocks. Every day thereafter, the trail runner benefits outweighed the weight of full boots by a long shot. My youngest son wore full waterproof Oboz boots (that he didn't break in before the trip). I was thrilled with my trail runners. A few days into our trip, my beloved Merrell's were switched at an alburgue. I ended up with a size 13, and I never recovered my size 14's! I was able to find a pair of Columbia trail runners at a Decathalon store in Burgos in my size. They were the ONLY pair of shoes in my size! I was glad to have them, and rejoiced every day that I had shoes that fit. Were they perfect? They were perfect for me. I am convinced they are the shoes God wanted me to have.

Socks. Listen to me, very carefully. I followed the advice of Fred from REI, who gives a Camino class at the Atlanta store off I85. I never got a blister, ever! I did start to feel a warm spot on two separate occasions, so we pulled over and I put a small moleskin on. They never turned into blisters!!! Here is the winning Camino sock combo. Get a set of India brand cotton toe liners. They look ridiculous! You have toes in individual toe holes. Then put a pair of REI Coolmax (cool)wool over the top. You can buy me a beer when you get back from Camino with healthy feet!

Here is the rest of the packing list for 2018. Everything should be "quick dry". No cotton!!!

  • (1) Sleeping Bag REI Co-op Hello Down

  • (1) iPhone 7 with earbuds & terrific Camino Playlist

  • (1) Corded Rosary

  • (1) United States Passport

  • (1) Pilgrim's Passport (in ziplock bag)

  • (1) State of GA Issued Driver's License

  • (1) Wallet with ATM/Credit Card & Cash

  • (1) Apple Watch Version 2

  • (1) Camel Back Water Bottle 1.5 Liter

  • (1) Camel Back Water Bottle 1 Liter

  • (1) Philips Dreamstation Go Travel CPAP Machine (1.86 pounds)

  • (1) Philips Dreamstation Go Battery (1.53 pounds)

  • (1) CPAP Mask

  • (1) Rain Coat, doubles as windbreaker on cool mornings

  • (1) Scrubba Wash Bag (Doubled as dry bag inside pack)

  • (2) Trekking Poles, Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Foldable

  • (2) Trekking Z Pole Rubber Tip Protectors

  • (1) Tilley Hat (a must!)

  • (2) Columbia Short Sleeve SPF Shirts

  • (1) Long Sleeve Shirt

  • (1) REI Co-op t-shirt for evening casual wear

  • (2) Under Armor Heat Gear Compression Undershirts

  • (2) REI Co-op Hiking Pants

  • (1) Nylon Basketball Shorts for evening casual wear

  • (2) Under Armor Boxer Briefs

  • (3) 20-30mmhg Compression Leg Sleeves (I have bad leg circulation)

  • (1) Lightweight Slides for evening casual wear

  • (1) Bronners Peppermint Soap Bar

  • (3) Small 3ozShower Bottles filled with Dr. Bronners Peppermint Liquid Soap

  • (1) Shaving Kit (donated on day 5)

  • (1 Each) Toothbrush, Toothpaste

  • (1) Bottle Mega Man GNC Vitamins(donated on day 1)

  • (1) Tube Magnesium (Purchased on the trail)

  • (1) Box Woolite Sink Suds Travel Detergent Packets (these rock!)

  • (1) Portable clothesline with hooks (I eventually picked up some wooden clothespins)

  • (1) 10 foot section of nylon rope for clothesline or stretching

  • (1) Silverware kit (TSA Approved). Used one time

  • (1) Headlamp, never used

  • (1) Brierly Camino Frances Guidebook

  • (1) Journal

  • (1) Pen

  • (1) Euro Adapter

  • (1) Multiplug/USB Adapter (Makes you an instant hero in Alburgues)

  • (2) iPhone charging cables

  • (1) iWatch charging cable

  • (6) Pair Foam Earplugs

  • (1) Medium Microfiber Towel

  • (1) Swimsuit (never used)

  • (1) Sunscreen (purchased in Spain)

  • (1) small first aid kit

  • (1) Small foot aid kit (moleskin, etc)

  • (1) Leatherman Juice Knife (packed in checked bag for air travel with trekking poles)

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